State-of-the-Art Technology for Maximum Revenue Control

CitiPark is proud to be the industry leader in offering and integrating the latest technology into the day-to-day operations of running garage management and revenue control. We have formed proprietary relationships with some of the best names associated with the development of parking management software and equipment.

We believe that the integration of technology into parking management is not just an added perk, but has actually become a necessity. The increased efficiency, security, and control have added immensely to the performance of our employees while increasing the customer service levels of our clients and their customers. The advantages of having the proper systems in place for operations include:

  • Ticketless parking and retrieval of vehicles. Our system can use license plate recognition to track the entry and exit of vehicles and to plot the exact location of where they are parked
  • Proper greetings for customers. Our system remembers names once a license plate is recognized. This allows our attendants to take a more personal approach and greet our clients by name, even if they only see them once per year.”
  • Electronic inventory control. It is important to have an up-to-the-hour log of what vehicles are parked within the lots, how long they have been parked there, and to whom they belong. This not only increases the efficiency of assigning parking to incoming vehicles, but in a post 9/11 world, is an important security tool for building management. These reports can be made available to building management at any time.
  • Damage control. Any visible damage upon an entering vehicle is automatically documented and photographed by our system and easily retrieved to be shared with a customer or building management.
  • Integration with current Building Management Software. CitiPark can integrate our systems with almost all of the pre-existing programs in place by building management.
  • Up to date controls. CitiPark will provide monthly reports of the daily volumes of vehicles. These reports will include the exact differentials of busier times in order to assist building management in scheduling interior staff appropriately to coincide with these times.
  • Employee logs. CitiPark’s technology also acts as a virtual time-clock, keeping track and logging employee’s hours on site, shift reports, and parking reports. At any given time, CitiPark can access the exact schedule of our employees and also the exact employee who has parked or retrieved any vehicle within a lot.
  • Fully upgradeable. CitiPark's systems are capable of being fully upgraded with many features customizable to a specific property. Additionally, upgrades and enhancements can be made as new technology becomes available, keeping our systems cutting edge.