CitiPark has pulled from the top companies in parking and hospitality to assemble a management team that has years of experience and includes some of the most notable names within the industry. We believe that our investment in management along with our unique structure gives us an insight into operations that is unmatched by any of our competitors.

At CitiPark we understand that to be the best, we have to hire and train the best. We have very stringent hiring practices; we require a clean driving record, drug testing, criminal background checks, and ensure our employees are fluent in English. But that’s just a start. Once an employee joins our team, he or she knows they have joined a special place to work where job satisfaction is high and employee morale is even higher.

As a CitiPark client, you will have all the benefits of our manager’s expertise, and our managers will take an active role in assuring that your organization has the best possible service available within the industry.  Our managers are always available to our clients for the following:

  • Attend all necessary management meetings related to arriving and departing guests, parking, and proper safety procedures.
  • Monitor all staffing levels to ensure for highest customer satisfaction. Our technology based parking systems greatly assist in gathering this data to make well informed decisions.
  • Develop well thought-out plans for heavier traffic times.
  • Maintain uniform integrity among all CitiPark staff consistent to our clients’ management standards as well as CitiPark’s.
  • Create an atmosphere for all CitiPark staff so they are aware that they are an important part of operations at our clients’ sites.

Staffing will consist of an appropriate number of managers and an adequate number of parking attendants to ensure the shortest customer wait time possible during either the parking or retrieval process. We hand-select our attendants for each client, and we ensure they are fully trained to operate the parking management and valet duties on a daily basis. Our staff will be assigned exclusively to your company, and will not be brought in from other accounts to work sporadic shifts. It is our belief that a permanent and steady crew allows for the best environment. As is our policy at all of our locations, the provided attendants will be professional, prompt, courteous, and always eager to be of assistance to all guests entering the parking facilities.

As a general guideline:

  • All provided attendants will be fully uniformed.
  • All provided attendants will be fluent in English. Bilingual attendants can be provided upon request.
  • Eating or smoking in front of the facility or within the parking area by our attendants is prohibited.
  • All attendants will undergo background checks, driver’s license checks, and random drug testing prior to being placed onsite.

Citipark utilizes both a computer enabled check-in system and a scheduling manager that performs confirmation of schedules and a check-in of each employee to eliminate any misunderstanding in schedules and provide a 100% staffing rate of each of our accounts.

Staff Training

CitiPark has developed a streamlined training and development program which produces a fully capable staff that is both professional and efficient. Our high-caliber, accountable, and motivated staff cannot be matched by any other company. Some highlights of our training and development program are:

  • 3-Day Employee Orientation Program
  • Freshman Employee Mentoring
  • On-Site Property Specific Training
  • Manager Development Training
  • Integration of 5 diamond AAA standards

Uniforms and Appearance of Employees

All CitiPark employees are required to be uniformed at all times and maintain impeccable personal hygiene standards. CitiPark spot checks all personnel to confirm that our standards are being met. Citipark takes the presentability of our staff very seriously. One infraction of our uniform or hygiene policies will result in the termination of an employee.

CitiPark is partnered with a leading national uniform company which ensures that its employees maintain a constant clean, crisp look. Our standard uniform consists of black dress slacks, white dress shirts, black ties, and a company vest or jacket (weather dependent). We also can provide custom uniforms to clients that can be specific to the property's preference and/or needs.