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Residential Parking Services

Nothing says "Welocome Home" quite like a professionally managed parking garage system and front-of-house staff that's trained to add to the peace and security your residents feel.

Residential parking management is entirely different from corporate – or medical facility – parking management, and we at CitiPark are well aware of the differences. That’s why we have developed a specialized suite of offerings to provide services and staffing to condominiums and luxury residential communities. These services include valet parking, doormen, concierge and security services. We custom tailor our services for each community, and we act as a true partner in the successful operation of your parking and meet-and-greet systems.

Residential communities are unique among parking management solutions. Sure, the vehicles being parked are the same type as at other facilities, but there are complexities such as maximizing space, offering equitable parking arrangements for residents, privacy for residents, and accommodation for visitors’ vehicles – to name just a few. At CitiPark we also know that our services contribute to the overall reputation of the community, and could impact resale values. That’s why we treat our residential and condominium clients with a level of care and attention that no other parking management company can provide.

CitiPark’s trained concierges, doormen, valet parking attendants, and security guards provide additional value to our residential facility clients. Our trained and professional staff is there to help residents in many ways, including receiving packages, monitoring guest arrivals and departures, and giving them added peace of mind. Our staff is specifically trained for each residential facility, and once they are assigned, they are not moved from one facility to another. They are dedicated to your location, so your residents get to know them and will feel safe at all times. And our valet parking services can make off-site parking less of a hassle.

Residents of our client communities quickly appreciate CitiPark staff’s work ethic and strong work abilities. Our staff gives them the confidence of feeling that their families and vehicles are cared for and safe. It is this relationship with residents that helps CitiPark stand out from other parking and hospitality companies. And that, in turn, reflects on you!
At CitiPark, everything we do is aimed at helping you and your facilities stand out for all the right reasons! Your success is our first priority!

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