Our Quality of Work is Your Peace of Mind

Making Hospital and Medical Facility Visits Less Stressful

Hospital ParkingA hospital visit, whether as a patient or visitor, is stressful enough without the hassles of inefficient parking solutions. CitiPark understand that, and we offer unrivalled expertise in the industry of hospital parking management. We offer the most experience working with hospitals and medical centers of every size. We draw on our unique experience and leverage our relationships with some of the country’s largest medical providers to develop aggressive strategies that maximize space, improve revenue, and make your visitors feel at ease. By combining our expertise with the latest, proprietary software we can streamline your overall operation, applying sophisticated revenue-control procedures and detailed accounting practices.

Our approach and expertise will impact more than just your bottom line. It provides your visitors with a well-managed, hassle-free, parking management system which contributes to a more positive experience that reflects on your facility. CitiPark’s fresh approach to facility maintenance can help your hospital or medical center achieve a dramatic improvement in its image and gain greater recognition within the community you serve. Medical patients and visitors alike find CitiPark’s branded shuttles, valet parking, and concierge services a valuable added convenience, which makes their visit as seamless and painless as possible. CitiPark will transform your parking facility into a brand enhancing operation that sets a positive tone for your patients and their visitors.

Whether you have a 100 space surface lot, multiple garages encompassing thousands of spaces, or a large campus footprint that requires a branded shuttle service, CitiPark has the experience to handle your medical facility parking and concierge needs.

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