Let CitiPark worry about your parking, so you don't have to.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does CitiPark do?

CitiPark is a full service parking management and hospitality services company. Our expertise lies in servicing hotels, hospitals and condominiums.

What makes CitiPark different than other parking management companies?

We’d like to think there are many things that make CitiPark different, but we are most proud of the fact that we are the only parking management and hospitality services company in the US that was formed by industry leaders from a variety of competitor companies to change the parking management industry for the better. Our leaders strive to put the clients’ best interests above our profits, and it shows in how loyal our clients are.

We use too much paper in my parking garage. How can CitiPark improve my parking garage operations so we use less paper?

CitiPark can offer a variety of solutions that are aimed at reducing paper. These include paperless ticketing. Beyond that, CitiPark has the expertise to ensure that the space in your parking garage is being used as efficiently as possible – and we can even provide branded shuttle service so those parking in your parking garage can leave their individual cars there to get to your location or area attractions.

Why should I be concerned with my current parking garage management?

Remember, the parking company you utilize provides the first and last impressions that your patrons and visitors experience.

Have a question we did not answer here?

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