Your Parking....Managed!

CitiPark Creates Positive First Impressions That Last

Parking GarageYour parking facility is more than just a place for your visitors to park. It’s where customers form their first impressions of your organization and the last thing they experience as they leave. The experience a visitor has in your parking facility, at your valet stand, or from your branded shuttle service sets the tone for their entire visit. When customers arrive at your location, do they have a positive first impression? At CitiPark, we know how to create a positive first impression, and make sure that it lasts – even as visitors leave your parking area or disembark from your shuttle. In some cases, we find that our customers have parking facilities that exceed their actual need and, in such cases, we can even help you generate revenue from your excess parking.

CitiPark operates parking facilities and assets for numerous hotels and resorts, office complexes, hospitals and medical centers, municipalities, stadiums, luxury or gated residential communities, and other entities across the nation. We have expertise in all areas of parking systems, parking facility management, access and revenue control, and hospitality services, including:

  • Parking Facility Management
    • Garage Managers
    • Booth Attendants/Cashiers
    • Floor Attendants/Maintenance Personnel
    • Auditors
    • Claims Processing & Resolution
  • Access and Revenue Control
    • System Design & Layout
    • Equipment Procurement & Installation Project Management
    • Application of Current Technology
    • Ticket Control & Auditing
    • Traffic Flow/Control
    • Loss Prevention