Dependable Access, Revenue Control, and Facility Leasing with Dedicated  Staff

With CitiPark, you can be certain that we use the best practices and systems to ensure your parking garage or lot is secure, and revenue control is tight. Whether your facility uses automated parking systems or is attended to by our employees, we do everything within our power to ensure that parking is the least of your facility concerns. CitiPark can help you manage your parking facilities to ensure they are self-sustaining or even revenue generating. We can also develop a plan for maximizing parking spot usage, and help you generate revenue for surplus parking area.

When there is surplus space available, we can draw upon our experience to create parking facility leases, and then manage the leased space to ensure you get the maximum additional revenue. Conversely, if your parking facilities are inadequate, we can negotiate leasing arrangements to expand your parking capacity in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. 

CitiPark also has the expertise to design and install automated parking garage systems that assist with revenue control and maximize the value of your commercial parking facility. If you want an attended facility, we can provide the best trained, uniformed lot or garage attendants available in the industry. Our attendants are specifically trained for each client's facility and dedicated to your location, not moved from location to location.