Hiring or changing your current parking company may seem like an impossible task. CitiPark can make it easier. We can seamlessly integrate our proven parking principles and systems into your facility, turning your parking lot into a first class parking facility.

The CitiPark founders are some of the industry’s top executives, giving CitiPark the unique advantage of utilizing many different perspectives and ideals from the thought leaders in the field. Of these, we are able to choose the best and operate at a level far superior to anything the industry has seen to date. Whether you need a valet service, garage management, parking revenue control, directional parking, bell-hops, concierge, or doormen, CitiPark can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. CitiPark was founded on the belief that in order to provide the highest level of service, we need to start with the very best and provide only the very best.

CitiPark is confident that we can provide the best possible parking management services within the industry to service your parking management needs. We believe that our unique blend of training and staffing, technology, and managerial support, is why we can exceed all expectations set for not only us, but for our industry. We are currently one of the fastest growing parking management companies within the northeastern United States.

Our professionals are highly trained to ensure that your parking solution sets the tone for positive experiences and lasting impressions. Our expertise and unique approach to parking management and valet parking services has been proven to increase total customer satisfaction while integrating the latest technology to create a first class operation with maximum efficiency and revenue control. And we offer a comprehensive blend of services, such as parking equipment installation, parking management services and branded shuttle services, to name just a few.